The intuitive Spirit Program

A 5 Week Program of Transformation

I want to invite you on a 5 week journey of transformation…

Imagine for a moment .... what it would be like for you if you could be in your meeting and deliver your proposal with confidence without taking on the negative energy from the one person who never offers anything positive.

Imagine for another moment ....what it would be like if you could be in a relationship and express how you really feel without worrying and the immediate fear of  ... "What will they say once I share.   Will they belittle me?  What if they won't like me anymore?"

That's exactly what this program will do for you.

Over the next 5 weeks:

  • You will discover how to block the energy of others from seeping into your energy.

  • You will have confidence in stating your opinion because you will be grounded in your energy.

  • You will gain clarity in knowing what you need without the excess energies of those around you.

  • You will have higher levels of energy because you won't allow yourself to be drained by others.

  • You will release addictive habits like overeating and/or shopping because you won't be trying to balance the excess energy that isn't yours.

“Her Compassion, Support and tough love helped heal wounds and shed light on dark places in my life.”

— Rev. Jennifer Kiselyak Ellwood, M.A., RMT

The program combines on line LIVE teaching, audios, handouts, guided meditation, with a private Facebook Group into six weeks of learning all about your Intuitive abilities.

Program Details:  April 16th - May 14th - 7:00 - 8:30pm  

Location:  On your computer, phone, labtop or table with the Zoom App.

All Calls recorded live on Zoom.  Access them over and over. 

Here's What You Will Learn Each Week:

MODULE 1:  Determine How You Process Energy that You Recognize the Way in Which You are Using and Gathering Energy Around You.

Intuition - Third Eye Center and the 4 Clairs: 


Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing

Clairsentience - Clear Feeling

Claircognizance - Clear Knowing

Clairaudience - Clear Hearing


• Meditation Practice: 5 Minute Meditation 

• Meditation Practice: The Analyzer


Challenge: Using your tools, make one practical decision this week based on your intuition over your intellect.


MODULE 2: Discover your Energy Field that You Will Know What Is Your  Energy vrs Excess Energy From Others

Transforming Energy:  Energy Can Never Be Destroyed Only Transformed

Grounding Cords & Releasing Excess Energy


• Meditation Practice: Clearing the Energy Centers

• Meditation Practice: Grounding your energy 


The Top 8 Reasons People Block Their Own Intuition

Challenge: Acknowledge one area of life in which you’ve been holding on to excess energy.


Module 3: Contoling Energectic Boundaries that You Protect Yourself From Taking on Energy From Others.

Creating Boundaries Strengthens your Super Powers

Meditation Practice:  Rose Boundaries

Challenge: Acknowledge a recent incident in which you’ve been taking on someone else’s energy.


Module 4: Removing Energy Drains .. so that You Have More not Less Energy Each Day.

Taking on Energy is Draining - Sending Energy Back is Energizing

Meditation Practice: Cord Cutting

Handout:  The 4 Most Common Areas Where Cords Attach

Challenge: Acknowledge a person who you know you are cording with and cut the cords.


Module 5:  Using the Oracles to Enhance your Intuition so That You Can Follow the Signs and Symbols All Around You.

Moving forward with the help of Oracle Cards to strengthen your Intuitive wisdom in your everyday life.

Is it Ego or is it Intuition? 

Live mentoring for readings!  I'll walk you through my personal steps in offering Readings.

Video:  Connecting with your Cards

Handout: 7 Ways Intuition Can Help you Succeed.

Handout:  7 Ways to Set up a Reading 

Challenge:  Draw one card a day for 7 days and notice each day what signs you are aware of that match that card.


Bonus Module 6:  Using Essential Oils in your Everyday Life to Instantly Shift your Mood and Emotions.

Essential oils are revolutionizing the way you can manage your health!

Videos:  What is Essentail Oils

Audios:  The Essence of Essential Oils

Audios:  Healing Emotional Wounds with Essential Oils:

Audios:  Creativity and Essential Oils


By now you're likely seeing just how powerful these 5 weeks will be for you and how they can transform your daily life…

I wish I had found support years ago when I was struggling with the energy I was taking in from others.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be the same for you.

You can take control of your energy and your life today with this transformative program!


The Intuitive Spirit Program