About The Program:

In the Spiritual Development Leadership Program, you will receive training in Reiki Mastery, Meditation, Healing Modalities, Spiritual Ceremonies, Spiritual Counseling, and the Business Fundamentals to make them profitable.

We'll meet one weekend a month in person.  Office hours on Zoom 1x - 2xa month.  2 Retreats.  Guest teachers. Bonus classes. Community Projects. Practice Time. Homework Assisgnments.

  • Pre-Req - Must be Reiki 2 Certified or Higher
  • Calendar subject to change.

January 12th - 14, 2018 - The Why of your Work

Dreams & Visions - Committing to Reiki III Empowers you up to Commit to your Why

The Leadership begins here - Gorham’s Bluff Retreat - Reiki 3

February 10th - 11th, 2018 - Walking Your Talk

Expand your personal practice to strengthen your spiritual foundation.

Consistent meditation practice is imperative to being an effective healer.

Helping & Serving - What does it mean to help?

March 10th - 11th, 2018 - Creating your Toolbox

Blending your modalities. - Where’s the Pain?

What’s the transformation?

April 14th - 15th, 2018 - Aligning with the Earth

Spiritual Counseling & Interspiritual Philosophy - Celebrating Life honors the Spirit.

Earth Ceremonies - Medicine Wheel - Solstice - Equinox - Fire Circles - 

Leading ceremonies and offering points of alignment during the course of a year creates an empowered Spirit.

May 12th - 13th, 2018- Shadow & Light - When the Spirit is lost

Spiritual Counseling & Interspiritual Philosophy - Addictions - Depression - Listening

Addiction as a spiritual, mental, physical, and social symptom.

Transforming depression is sacred work.

Deep listening is the key to counseling.

June 9th -10th, 2018 - Transitions in Life

Spiritual Counseling & Interspiritual Philosophy

Life Ceremonies - Births - Marriage - Funerals - House Blessings - Blessingways

End of Life: Grief - Dying - Transition

Honoring all aspects of life.

Death is more than just a physical process.

July - BREAK

Keep up to be Kept up! 

August 11th - 12th, 2018 - Mastery

Leadership continues at Gorham Bluff

Mastering the leadership qualities of a teacher.

Raising vibrations and passing on the attunements.

Creating classes - Reiki 1/Reiki 2/Reiki 3

Sept 8th - 9th, 2018- The Spirit of Money

Creating a successful and profitable healing business.

Building the foundation.

Charging your worth.

Money as an Energy.

Oct 13th - 14th, 2018 - Your Signature System

Branding your Business

Returning to the Why

Who are you serving?

Nov 10th - 11th- Finals

Practicum hours due

Community project due - Ceremonies and Certification hours

Dec 8th- Graduation

The Academy is especially unique in that it incorporates many modalities to heal and empower others, as well as the business foundation to make them profitable.  

It will teach you presence, awareness, deep listening, counselor competence, and ethical practices.