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Empowered Spirit Group


Know your Energy!





Empowered Spirit Group


Know your Energy!




Know your Energy

Know your Energy

Do You Get Overwhelmed By Other People’s Issues and Energy?

Do you go about your day, constantly taking in other people’s feelings, having your own energy thrown off at every turn?

At the end of the day, do you get home feeling overwhelmed and confused, off-balance, hoping to retreat to your own cocoon and wondering how you’ll be able to venture out again tomorrow?

If this feels like your story, know that you’re not alone.

Being an empath can be exhausting…

But there is a way to make it your strength and your gift.

You CAN protect your energy, create balance, and live life on your terms.

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Super Power




Super Power




Here’s the good news… being an empath can be a major advantage, WHEN you know how to control it…

For years I wondered what was wrong with me…

  • Why was I constantly so overwhelmed by other peoples issues?

  • Why did I feel so much what other people were feeling?

  • Why was I always feeling so insecure around certain people?

  • Why couldn’t I control my emotions and feel the way that I wanted to feel?

If you’re an empath (whether you know it or not), you likely understand what I was feeling. 


I felt powerless for so long.

I was over eating, shopping excessively and making excuses, until I learned to control it. 

I finally realized there were major strengths in being an empath…

  • You get to know what other people are feeling many times before they realize it.

  • You get to analyse the energy of a room full of people right as you enter to know if the setting is safe.

  • You can recognize when other people are projecting their energy on you so you don't take it on.

  • You get to release the additive behaviors like eating and shopping because you no longer are trying to balance out energy that isn't yours.

You may be asking… “How exactly do I go about shifting being an empath from being an overwhelming trait to being my greatest strength?!”

If you want to be able to protect your energy, and finally live your life on your terms with balance, inner strength and purpose, I’ll show you how! 


 "The guidance and confidence I have received from Terri has allowed me to truly live my passion and dream. I am living a life that I only dreamed of!”

— Tina Conroy RMT - Director Energy Healing: Practice Body Mind Soul Co., NY

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"I am so thankful for Terri, her knowledge, her no BS attitude, her creativity, her INTUITION, and her HEART. " 

  — Elizabeth Scruggs

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Tell Me More

Tell me more 2

Tell Me More


The Empowered intuitive Program

A 5 Week Program of Transformation

I want to invite you on a 5 week journey of transformation…

Imagine for a moment .... what it would be like for you if you could be in your meeting and deliver your proposal with confidence without taking on the negative energy from the one person who never offers anything positive.

Imagine for another moment ....what it would be like if you could be in a relationship and express how you really feel without worrying and the immediate fear of  ... "What will they say once I share.   Will they belittle me?  What if they won't like me anymore?"

That's exactly what this program will do for you.

Over the next 5 weeks:

  • You will discover how to block the energy of others from seeping into your energy.

  • You will have confidence in stating your opinion because you will be grounded in your energy.

  • You will gain clarity in knowing what you need without the excess energies of those around you.

  • You will have higher levels of energy because you won't allow yourself to be drained by others.

  • You will release addictive habits like overeating and/or shopping because you won't be trying to balance the excess energy that isn't yours.

  • You will learn how trust your intuition for decision making purposes!


“Her Compassion, Support and tough love helped heal wounds and shed light on dark places in my life.”

— Rev. Jennifer Kiselyak Ellwood, M.A., RMT

The program combines on line LIVE teaching, audios, handouts, guided meditation, with a private Facebook Group into six weeks of learning all about your Intuitive abilities.

Program Details:  October 22nd - November 19th - Tuesdays: 7:00 - 8:30pm  

Location:  On your computer, phone, labtop or table with the Zoom App.

All Calls recorded live on Zoom.  Access them over and over. 

Here's What You Will Learn Each Week:

ENERGY 101:  Determine How You Process Energy ...so that You Recognize the Way in Which You are Using and Gathering Energy Around You.

Intuition - Third Eye Center and the 4 Clairs: 


Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing

Clairsentience - Clear Feeling

Claircognizance - Clear Knowing

Clairaudience - Clear Hearing


• Meditation Practice: 5 Minute Meditation 

• Meditation Practice: The Analyzer


Challenge: Using your tools, make one practical decision this week based on your intuition over your intellect.


FIELDS: Discover your Energy Field ...so that You Will Know What Is Your  Energy vrs Excess Energy From Others

Transforming Energy:  Energy Can Never Be Destroyed Only Transformed

Grounding Cords & Releasing Excess Energy


• Meditation Practice: Clearing the Energy Centers

• Meditation Practice: Grounding your energy 


The Top 8 Reasons People Block Their Own Intuition

Challenge: Acknowledge one area of life in which you’ve been holding on to excess energy.


BOUNDARIES: Sensing Energectic Boundaries ...so that You Protect Yourself From Taking on Energy From Others.

Creating Boundaries Strengthens your Super Powers

Meditation Practice:  Rose Boundaries

Challenge: Acknowledge a recent incident in which you’ve been taking on someone else’s energy.


DRAINS: Removing Energy Drains .. so that You Have More not Less Energy Each Day.

Taking on Energy is Draining - Sending Energy Back is Energizing

Meditation Practice: Cord Cutting

Handout:  The 4 Most Common Areas Where Cords Attach

Challenge: Acknowledge a person who you know you are cording with and cut the cords.


TOOLS:  Using the Oracles to Enhance your Intuition so That You Can Follow the Signs and Symbols All Around You.

Moving forward with the help of Oracle Cards to strengthen your Intuitive wisdom in your everyday life.

Is it Ego or is it Intuition? 

Live mentoring for readings!  I'll walk you through my personal steps in offering Readings.

Video:  Connecting with your Cards

Handout: 7 Ways Intuition Can Help you Succeed.

Handout:  7 Ways to Set up a Reading 

Challenge:  Draw one card a day for 7 days and notice each day what signs you are aware of that match that card.


BONUS: Knowing your “Hell Yes” Feeling:  






By now you're likely seeing just how powerful these 5 weeks will be for you and how they can transform your daily life…

I wish I had found support years ago when I was struggling with the energy I was taking in from others.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be the same for you.

You can take control of your energy and your life today with this transformative program!


The Empowered Intuitive Program



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Copy of Testimonials

Copy of Testimonials

Before working with Terri I felt lost, scattered, and exhausted. Now that I have been through the Empowered Spirit Program I am immensely CALMER and more FOCUSED on living life in the moment.
I started working with Terri at a time that I was experiencing a CRISIS in my career and a loss of identity.
Now I am able to ENJOY all the blessings in my life, stay CENTERED on the things that really matter to me, and let go of the rest. Working with Terri has been a true GIFT that has forever CHANGED my life for the BETTER.
— Kelly B.
Although the work is tough, I am so glad I took this step. I feel like a have a CLEARER understanding of myself and the tools I need to continue my personal and spiritual GROWTH. Thanks for guiding me through it Terri!
— P. Cumbee, RN
I met with Terri at a point when I was feeling a bit off balance. Every time I met with her, the business and whatever stress was going on in my day seemed to melt away and I had PEACE. She taught me ways to cultivate this peace on my own and reminded me to use these techniques on a consistent basis to have BALANCE. I am so thankful for Terri, her knowledge, her no BS attitude, her creativity, her INTUITION, and her HEART.
— Elizabeth Scruggs
The mentoring time I spent with Terri was very special and helpful to me in many ways. She helped me understand the importance of having a CONSISTENT meditation and journaling practice. In addition, she provided me with several techniques to PROTECT my energy especially in relationships. I really liked the time we spent together and was able to take away several valuable tools that I have incorporated into my life. I highly recommend working with Terri as a mentor for SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT.
— Lisa Crymes
Terri provided a gentle, SAFE container for my explorations into the spirit realm: The sessions offered me valuable 1-1 guidance in MEDITATION, REIKI and an understanding of many of the tools available to harness energy for SELF-HEALING and CLARITY OF MIND. While I came to our sessions happy with my life, I finished our sessions together recognizing I can be HAPPIER, more FULFILLED and in a DEEPER relationship with my self and others. I feel equipped with POWERFUL TOOLS to help me NAVIGATE my own life through whatever may come into my path, and proof I can challenge my critical mind to accept NEW EXPERIENCES and ways of looking at the world. Thank you, Terri, for facilitating this important PERSONAL GROWTH and helping me experience a growing practice of self-discovery and SELF-EMPOWERMENT.
— Michelle H
Right before I started this program, I went through several years in an unhealthy relationship and ultimately a bad divorce. I was experiencing emotional pain, physical pain, and questioning my spirituality...wanting to explore more into that world to feel a sense of security again. Meeting Terri and eventually starting the empowered spirit program helped me do just that...I FOUND MY SPIRITUALITY again and found a way to GROUND my energy so that I feel SECURE in my own thoughts and feelings. Now I am MORE CONFIDENT and better about INTUITIVELY SENSING other people’s energy and knowing how to block it so that I am not taking on someone else’s energy. I haven’t had any physical pain issues since I started the program either! I can say that this program was truly LIFE CHANGING in so many ways!!
— Andrea N
I have really enjoyed this program and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to work with you, especially at this time. It feels like the PERFECT BRDGE between my two yoga trainings.
— Millie J
When I came to see Terri Heiman, I was seeking guidance and mentoring on how to escape lingering negativity and anger in my life. Finding some PEACE and a BETTER SENSE OF CALM in my day to day life was essential to my well being, and I had high hopes of her ability to help me achieve that.
Working with Terri in a mentoring setting was VALUABLE because she helped me to see the IMPORTANCE OF CREATING MY OWN CONSISTENT MEDITATION practice. I have found that learning how to be quiet and listen to myself has HELPED ME IMMEASUARABLY. She also offered me several techniques to PROTECT MY ENERGY from being dumped on especially in my work environment. I have been able to use these techniques in several areas of my life, both personal and professional. I especially loved that I learned to create HAPPINESS for myself from within. Her energy sessions were very valuable for MOVING OUT THE OLD STUFF! I would definitely recommend working with Terri as a mentor for spiritual development.
I am grateful that I invested the time, energy and funds that I did to spending time with Terri. I now possess tools and skills that will help me throughout my life and that I can pass along to my daughters and friends. Her help was truly a gift that will keep on giving.
— Karen Rankin
Before working with Terri I was looking for a way to explore in a safe, guided environment concepts of our energy body and how it plays a part in healing.

Now that I have been through the Empowered Spirit Program I have so MANY TOOLS available to me and my loved ones. This includes but is not limited to a BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF HOW TO HEAR MY OWN VOICE, how to LOVE OTHERS WITHOUT TAKING ON THEIR PROBLEMS and how to use my INTUITIVE GIFTS to hold space for others and provide insightful guidance.

I started working with Terri at a time that I was experiencing discomfort with an old believe system. My old belief system did not provide me with the answers I was seeking and did not seem to align with what my intuition was telling me.

Now I am able to GO WITHIN TO CONNECT with myself, God and angels. I am better able to DISCERN from where thoughts, beliefs and insights are coming. It has become easier to RECOGNIZE when a limiting belief is holding me back in my life purpose.
— Rhonda White