Are you moving through a transition in life like divorce, illness or career issues and feel disconnected from your spirit_ Do you seek a greater connection to your inner guidance_ Are you great at helping everyone el (4).png
Are you moving through a transition in life like divorce, illness or career issues and feel disconnected from your spirit_ Do you seek a greater connection to your inner guidance_ Are you great at helping everyone el (4).png

ESP Intro


ESP Intro

are you bogged down while moving through a Life Transition?

Discover how to use your energy - and others' around you - to make strides in your life!

Are thoughts constantly spinning in your mind?

Who are you unable to forgive, making it difficult to find your way along a new path?

Are you empathic?  Are you always helping others and forgetting about yourself?

Transitions can leave you feeling isolated and disconnected from your Spirit.

We all develop patterns, ways of being and thinking, that simply do not serve us and are not useful when it comes to moving through transitions. These patterns lead to unknown pains in our bodies; emotional issues as well as medical conditions. According to the American Medical Association, 85% of physical ailments arise from unresolved emotional issues.

These habits are why we walk around feeling stressed, anxious, and fearful to move forward. They’re why we have trouble trusting our decisions and making new choices about our life. They keep us from being present in the moment and enjoying our lives.

But there is a way to change these habits and let go of the patterns. There is a way to learn about your inner guidance, your empathic nature, and create new spiritual contracts with yourself.  

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Do you seek a greater connection to your inner guidance?

Are you great at helping everyone else but feel drained when it comes to your own energy?

Are you aware of your intuition but don’t know how to believe or trust it?

Even though you may feel like you are crazy, you are not alone.

It is possible to open up to a deeper part of your Spirit that does offer you messages and direction for your life.


I’ve been there. Years ago, I was at a place in my life where I wondered what was wrong with me. It felt like my life was falling apart and I was powerless. I was overeating, shopping excessively and making excuses, until I learned to control and recognize what I was feeling and doing.

I was asking questions like:

  • Why was I constantly so overwhelmed by other peoples issues?

  • Why was I always feeling so insecure around certain people?

  • Why couldn’t I control my emotions and feel the way that I wanted to feel and make better decisions?

But then it hit me - I am an empath and I was taking on everybody else's energy!

If you’re an empath (whether you know it or not), you are likely to empathize with what I was feeling. 

It is possible for you to open up to intuitive guidance that offers you the ability to: 

  • Know what other people are feeling, many times before they even realize it.

  • Analyze the energy of a room right as you enter to know if the setting is safe.

  • Recognize when other people are projecting their energy onto you.

  • Release the addictive behaviors like eating and shopping because you're no longer trying to balance out energy that isn't yours.


If you want to protect your energy, and finally live your life on your terms with balance, inner strength and purpose, let’s get started!


 "The guidance and confidence I have received from Terri has allowed me to truly live my passion and dream. I am living a life that I only dreamed of!”  — Tina Conroy RMT - Director Energy Healing: Practice Body Mind Soul Co., NY







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"I am so thankful for Terri, her knowledge, her no BS attitude, her creativity, her INTUITION, and her HEART.  I've learned so much!"   

  — Elizabeth Scruggs

Get step-by-step guidance on how to manage your energy with The Empowered Spirit Program.



  • Understanding yourself and why you take on the energy that you do.

  • Processing stress and anger in a healthier way.

  • Using energy techniques and spiritual tools to rid yourself of unwanted thoughts or issues that keep you from moving forward.


T he Empowered Spirit Program introduces a new toolbox for life that you can continue to build upon as you grow and move forward. It will help you through all kinds of life transitions, whether you are starting a new job, a new marriage, or recovering from a loss or an illness.

You can take control of your energy and your life today with this transformative program!


I want to invite you on a 90 day journey of transformation…

Imagine for a moment ....

  • Gaining confidence because you’re no longer taking on negative energy from the one person who never offers anything positive.

  • Being in a relationship and expressing how you feel without worrying and fearing the reaction.

That's exactly what this program will do for you.


“Her Compassion, Support and tough love helped heal wounds and shed light on dark places in my life.”

— Rev. Jennifer Kiselyak Ellwood, M.A., RMT

I know... you are probably thinking.. but I need to get this other certification, like a Yoga Teacher Training, first.  Yes, but if you aren't at one with your spiritual practice and trusting your inner guidance, how will you have the courage to lead a yoga class and be a teacher in your community?

When you build a spiritual practice and work with gaining inner confidence, you will then be able to stand in front of others and help them, as well.  The Empowered Spirit™ Program will offer you the tools and techniques to build a spiritual practice which gives your the courage to follow a new direction in your life and trust that voice that is yours.

The Empowered Spirit™ Program will help you to trust your inner guidance, build confidence in your intuitive abilities to make decisions as well as offer you amazing self care tools to be strong and empowered in your life.

When you complete this program, you will have a strong spiritual practice that will last long into the future.  The tools you build will be yours forever. 

It's not about just learning and reading information, but about the practice and actually using the tools, I teach. Together we sit and practice to make sure you have them energetically.

All too often, I see people trying all the various techniques, running from one healer to another.  This leads to confusion and overload without any tools or time to work and process the healing. 

When you learn these tools for yourself, and work with them, you will be able to continually come back to them time and again.  The program files are assessable for life and available long after the 90 days.


"Had the best time tapping — just let all the tightness of concerns roll out as they showed up, feel like I’m making this process mine, and what a gift it is!"  Barb S. Artist/Healer/Poet - Seacliff, NY

The Empowered Spirit™ Program will teach you more about who your are and why you take on the energy that you do.

It will teach you how to process stress and anger in a healthier way.

It will also teach you ways in which you could use energy techniques and spiritual tools to rid yourself of unwanted thoughts or issues that cause you headaches and get in your way of moving forward.

This program introduces a new toolbox for life that you can continue to build upon as you grow and move forward. 

It will help you through all kinds of life transitions, whether you are starting a new job, a new marriage, or recovering from a loss or an illness, these tools will help you to strengthen your connection to your inner guidance and build a strong stance for your Spirit.

I wish I had found support years ago when I was struggling with the energy I was taking in from others. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be the same for you.

You can take control of your energy and your life today with this transformative program!

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The Empowered Spirit™ Program combines on line and in person teachings, audios, lessons, guided meditations and hands on sessions for you to learn  all about your Intuitive abilities, Self Care and to develop new Spiritual Contracts with your soul.

Program Details:  

Here's What You Will Learn in Each Lesson:

Lesson 1 - Empowered Intuition

Discover what your Empathic nature is and how it applies to your Intuitive Abilites.

Discover which "Clair" is your Natural gift. 

Challenge: Using your tools, make one practical decision this week based on your intuition over your intellect.

Lesson 2: Releasing Emotions

Letting go of excess energy. 

Energy Can Never Be Destroyed Only Transformed

Learn Intuitive tools for Grounding and Centering the Spiritual body with the Physical body as you release the old energies.

Challenge: Acknowledge one area of life in which you’ve been holding on to excess energy.

Lesson 3: Setting Boundaries

Creating Boundaries Strengthens your Super Powers.

Discover your Energy Fields so that You Will Know What Is Your Energy vrs Excess Energy From Others.

Challenge: Acknowledge a recent incident in which you’ve been taking on someone else’s energy.

Lesson 4: Energy Drains

Taking on Energy is Draining - Sending Energy Back is Energizing

Challenge: Acknowledge a person who you know you are cording with and cut the cords.

Lesson 5:  Raising Vibration

Attune your Energy with Reiki - Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki Foundation/Reiki Principles/7 Chakra System/

Challenge: Reiki for Self Care

Lesson 6:  Crystal Energy

Learn how to use Crystals to empower your Spirit and your Environment.

Challenge: Apply Reiki and Crystals to Empower your Spirit.


Lesson 7:  Empowered Soul

Recognizing Soul Imprints through an Akashic Record Reading.

Challenge:  Set a new Spiritual Contracts

Lesson 8:  Sabotaging Beliefs

Releasing Soul Imprints with the help of Emotional Freedom Technique.

Challenge: Tap away the stress and struggles that get in your way of living your purpose.

Lesson 9: Moving Forward

Moving forward with the help of Oracle Cards to strengthen your Intuitive wisdom in your everyday life.

Challenge:  Draw one card a day for 7 days and notice each day what signs you are aware of that match that card.

Bonus Lesson:  Using Essential Oils in your Everyday Life to Instantly Shift your Mood and Emotions.

Essential oils are revolutionizing the way you can manage your health!


Over the next 90 days, you will:

  • Discover how to block the energy of others from seeping into your energy.

  • Have confidence in stating your opinion because you will be grounded in your energy.

  • Gain clarity in knowing what you need without the excess energies of those around you.

  • Have higher levels of energy because you won't allow yourself to be drained by others.

  • Release addictive habits like overeating and/or shopping because you won't be trying to balance the excess energy that isn't yours.

In this step by step mentoring program you will learn:

  • How to gain clarity as you discover your own personal intuitive gifts in processing energy.

  • How to meditate and apply it in your life ... starting immediately.

  • To move out old energy that has accumulated from years and years of being stuck in old patterns. (No more attracting the same circumstances over and over again.)

  •  To protect and ground your energy so that you stay strong in your spirit without feeling depleted by others.

  • Energy Boundaries - No more being dumped on. No more taking on others energy. Time to zip it up!

  • Raise your vibration with Reiki. You will be attuned to this natural system of healing and taught how to apply Reiki for self care. Once attuned you are attuned for life.

  • Confidence in showing up in your everyday life.

Register now for the Autumn Season.   

Join now and receive a 4 part Summer Bonus: 

  • Creating an Autumn Sacred Space

  • Centering Your Energy

  • Calling back your Spirit

  • Aligning with the Elements of Autumn

Autumn is a time to harvest all that you have worked on this year.

It's a time to feel the passion and desires of your life ignite and come forward.

Be in alignment with your purpose!

Each of the 9 Lessons contain:

  • Powerful Energy Tools and Techniques 

  • Personal healing sessions.

  • Audio Mediations that you can stream or download. These meditations will guide you through the techniques to strengthen your practice.

  • PDF’s to download with lesson material that further explains the tools and techniques.

  • Videos to follow along with and practice the techniques.


We will hold the space together which will keep you accountable for this work.

This isn’t a one time thing… it’s your life!

Discover How to Trust Your Energy and Finally Live Your Life On Your Terms With Balance, Inner Strength and Purpose!Add subheading (5).png

Take control of your energy today!


1)  How much time will this take?

You can expect to spend 2-2.5 hours a week learning and practicing. Much of this time is spent practicing on yourself, so if it makes you feel better, you’ll be spending 10 - 12 hours a month practicing self-care, which will change your life... all for the highest good!

2) How do I schedule the time with you?

We will pick a date that will be consistent through out the programs.  I recognize schedules get hectic and allow for 2 pauses during the course of the 90 days.  If you have to reschedule, I only ask for a 24 hr notice.  Consistency is important so showing up each week at the same time is key to the program.  I use Acuity Scheduling which will send you reminders of your appointment.

3) Where will I get the course material?

The course materials is online and hosted by a content site called Teachery.  You will have a log in and password to access the site.  Each week a new program opens.  

You will continue to have access to the programs long after the 90 days.  You can repeat the course as often as you like.

4) Is this really an Investment?

Yes!  You need to understand the difference between an investment and an expense.  And expense will drain you and your resources.  An investment will pay you back, with interest. This program is an investment, in you, in your future, and in your spiritual practice. 

5) What if I have already taken a Reiki 1 Certification Class?

Great!  No problem.  We will move on to the Reiki 2 Certification Cass!



What they are saying


What they are saying

I met with Terri at a point when I was feeling a bit off balance. Every time I met with her, the business and whatever stress was going on in my day seemed to melt away and I had peace. She taught me ways to cultivate this peace on my own and reminded me to use these techniques on a consistent basis to have balance. I am so thankful for Terri, her knowledge, her no BS attitude, her creativity, her intuition, and her heart.

Thank you for everything. Things are very busy again and as I write this I am reminded to practice my reiki and meditation. I still would like to do the Spiritual academy in the future. now more than ever
— Elizabeth Scruggs lizzie
I came to Terri totally depleted. I have three children and a high maintenance husband that suffers with addiction. I had lost my ability to care for myself. Terri taught me how to use the Reiki energy to reconnect to myself and to the spirit of the universe. She encouraged me to start a daily meditation practice and gave me the tools to do so while also checking in with me each week to discuss how it was going. Without her encouragement I would have given up some days. After working with her for 90 days I felt so good that I recommitted for another 90 days. We are contributing to work on my mental and emotional balance, to use the reiki energy everyday and really live in the energy. She continues to check in on me and it always amazes me that the timing of our conversations are never a coincidence but seem to be just what I need at that moment. I intend to commit to another 90 days when this session is up because I know there is more to be unraveled and I am continuing to heal from years of neglecting myself. Terri has been such a blessing in my life and I am so very thankful for her friendship.
— Jennifer D., Birmingham AL
When I came to see Terri Heiman, I was seeking guidance and mentoring on how to escape lingering negativity and anger in my life. Finding some peace and a better sense of calm in my day to day life was essential to my well being, and I had high hopes of her ability to help me achieve that.

“Working with Terri in a mentoring setting was valuable because she helped me to see the importance of creating my own consistent meditation practice. I have found that learning how to be quiet and listen to myself has helped me immeasurably. She also offered me several techniques to protect my energy from being dumped on especially in my work environment. I have been able to use these techniques in several areas of my life, both personal and professional. I especially loved that I learned to create happiness for myself from within. Her energy sessions were very valuable for moving out the old stuff! I would definitely recommend working with Terri as a mentor for spiritual development.

I am grateful that I invested the time, energy and funds that I did to spending time with Terri. I now possess tools and skills that will help me throughout my life and that I can pass along to my daughters and friends. Her help was truly a gift that will keep on giving.
— With gratitude, Karen Rankin-Professional Test Kitchen Chef and Recipe Developer for Oxmoor House Press
Although the work is tough, I am so glad I took this step. I feel like a have a clearer understanding of myself and the tools I need to continue my personal and spiritual growth. Thanks for guiding me through it Terri!
— P. Cumbee, RN
The mentoring time I spent with Terri was very special and helpful to me in many ways. She helped me understand the importance of having a consistent meditation and journaling practice. In addition, she provided me with several techniques to protect my energy especially in relationships. I really liked the time we spent together and was able to take away several valuable tools that I have incorporated into my life. I highly recommend working with Terri as a mentor for spiritual development.
— Lisa Crymes Twitter: @lisacrymes
I found Terri at a time I was feeling sad and lost in both marriage in cancer recovery. The gifts I received have only now presented themselves. With strategies for daily meditations and support with my yoga practice, Terri offered gentle kindness and compassion with direct and honest feedback. She helped me to reconnect with my inner strength and supported me in manifesting my dreams. I entered fearful and doubtful and transitioned peaceful and trusting. Many opportunities presented themselves in the face of my openness and self-belief. I thank Terri for helping me to clear the path toward my continued spiritual growth.
— Lorri Hanna, MA, CTRS, LPC- Licensed Professional Counselor – Yoga Dance/Shake Your Soul® Instructor
Terri’s mentoring was invaluable. She taught me several methods to engage with my own energy and helped me re-engage with my Reiki practice. The sessions and the messages in between sessions helped me develop a more consistent meditation practice. The tools and skills I learned from Terri aid me in my own life and will aid me in my business as well. I am grateful for Terri’s honesty, guidance and mentorship.

“The thing I liked best about this program was: The variety of practices for tapping into energy and how to blend them together for practice. I appreciated the work on Reiki. I feel that my practice is back on track. I also liked the visualizations but I am still working to integrate that part of the energy into my life and practice.

“I also appreciated our discussions about the business aspects of the work. That has helped me think more about my work and how to move forward with building a business and finding clients.
— Millie Jackson – Gentle Warrior Yoga and Health
Right before I started this program, I went through several years in an unhealthy relationship and ultimately a bad divorce. I was experiencing emotional pain, physical pain, and questioning my spirituality…wanting to explore more into that world to feel a sense of security again. Meeting Terri and eventually starting the empowered spirit program helped me do just that…I found my spirituality again and found a way to ground my energy so that I feel secure in my own thoughts and feelings. Now I am more confident and better about intuitively sensing other people’s energy and knowing how to block it so that I am not taking on someone else’s energy. I haven’t had any physical pain issues since I started the program either! I can say that this program was truly life changing in so many ways!!
— Andrea N.
Terri provided a gentle, safe container for my explorations into the spirit realm: The sessions offered me valuable 1-1 guidance in meditation, reiki and an understanding of many of the tools available to harness energy for self-healing and clarity of mind. I feel equipped with powerful tools to help me navigate my own life through whatever may come into my path, and proof I can challenge my critical mind to accept new experiences and ways of looking at the world.
— Michelle H - Bham, AL

Spiritual Development Academy

Spiritual Development Academy™

Spiritual Development Academy

Spiritual Development Academy™

Empowered Spirit Program™

Enrollment Application


I’m so appreciative that you’re here. This journey will be a transformative one. Before we talk, please answer the questions below so that I can get to know you a little bit and better understand if you’d be a good fit for this program.

Everything you say, in this form and when we talk, is 100% confidential so please be as forthcoming as possible.


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