I believe that within you, there is a spirit that likes to create.

However, there are times that we are just plain stuck.

The creative force just seems to run out.

The juices dry up.

Maybe you are trying to write a book and can’t get that next chapter out.

Or maybe, like myself, you are trying to design a new piece of jewelry but can’t seem to come up with a new look.

Or maybe you are planning your next marketing campaign and just can’t figure out the next step.

When your motivation, your drive, or your focus is dampened, you tend to experience these dry spells or blocks.

So the question remains, is there ever a quick fix?

While I’m not one to always rely on quick fixes, I do believe there are some vey powerful ways to quickly switch your energy around.

So, yes.  I believe that answer is…yes.

While I do believe in consistent meditation, or a disciplined practice, one thing that I have learned to rely on to get my creative juices flowing is the use of essential oils.

Essentials oils directly affect your brain.

Yes, the sense of smell can be a key that unlocks the creative part of your brain.

When you smell something, it travels up your nose through some 50,000,000 receptor cells, hits the olfactory bulb, and affects your limbic system, which has a direct and indirect influence on so many of our body systems, such as the regulation of the fight-or-flight and stress response, as well as behavior and motivation.

So, yes, certain scents can affect the way you feel, how motivated you are, as well as reduce your stress and perhaps unlock amazing ideas hidden in your Spirit.

I definitely have my “go to” oils for this.

On this next episode of The Empowered Spirit Show, we will be talking to Monique Clark from Innate Sense Conscious Bodywork Center in Willow Glen, California about the power of Essential oils and specifically, the use of them for awakening your Creativity.

You will discover some very powerful ways to getting unstuck and opening up all those creative juices so that you can be in the flow again… within minutes!

If you need help in connecting to your spirit, contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discover Session.  

To your Spirit!


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