Do you notice that more often than not, you tend to hide the struggles in your life?

Do you put them aside for a rainy day or no day at all?

Do you shove them down and hope no one will notice?

Do you stop yourself before you even try to work them out?

When you doubt yourself, you deny your own power.

And then that power gives way to fear, stress, and anxiety and snowballs into an even bigger struggle.

Do you find that you sometimes avoid situations or asking questions because it brings up way too many emotions about the struggles in your life?

Or maybe that question will offend others just like you?

Well...that’s what happened to me with this next episode of The Empowered Spirit Show.

I avoided asking this question because it hit a nerve in me and I just knew it would hit a nerve in others too.

It was uncomfortable, yet it was a crucial element to the conversation and all that my guest had to overcome to do the work she does for others. 

It wasn’t an easy subject, but it was quite liberating and the basis of my guest's work in helping and serving humanity at this time.

You see, as a kid, I was called fat on the playground.

My brother told everyone that I had to go to a fat doctor.

This word, FAT, held a huge stigma over my life for many decades! Even now, when I am in the best shape of my life at 60 years old, I can still feel a touch of hiding this struggle within.

So when it came time to ask this question, What is Fat Girl Yoga?, I couldn’t do it. 

I avoided it until it haunted me and questioned my own integrity about my work.

And then I knew I had to go back and ask it.

So I did.

I scheduled another call with my guest for this one question. And even when I went to ask the question, I was nervous and didn’t even ask it correctly.

BUT what came out of the question was huge!

It opened the door to freedom, to non-judgement, to acceptance, to taking the shoulds away!

And that is exactly what this next episode of The Empowered Spirit Show is all about.

My guest, Nancy Rhodes, is helping people overcome their body issues and low self esteem by opening up her yoga studio, Abundance Yoga, for all body types. She is helping so many to overcome the stigma of what having a large body is all about by providing a space that makes yoga accessible for all body shapes, sizes, and physicality. 

Once I found the courage to ask this question, we learned that fat is not a bad word, it’s only our society that has made it so.

Yet way too many people struggle with this on a daily basis.

Join us for this next episode as we talk to Nancy and understand how creatively facing one's struggles has guided her to a life that is more fulfilling as she reaches out to be of service to our community at this time.

If you need help with the struggles in your life or connecting to your spirit, contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discovery Session.  

To your Spirit!


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