Trust is an essential element in creativity.  

It’s also an essential element with your Spirit.

Trust comes from the deepest levels of your being.

As does knowing your Spirit.

Both require a certain level of confidence with who you are.

But what about the not knowing? Where does that factor in?

Does it get lost behind the door of fear?

Doubt and uncertainty can definitely block the path to trusting your creativity.

I admit, one of the hardest parts in trusting is setting an intention and acting on it without knowing the outcome.

It’s the same for intuition. You’ve got to trust it to act on it, and you don’t often know if your gut instinct will be right.

Part of this equation is based on what your mind thinks as you are lead to act on your creativity.  

And it’s the same for believing in the guidance of your Spirit.  

This trust becomes even harder when you aren’t exactly sure where it is taking you.

Do you need some physical evidence to build this trust over time?

Or are you happy in the natural flow of energy taking you wherever it goes?

What is it for you?

Which door do you go through when you follow your creativity?

Do you go through the same one when you follow your intuition?

Are these two processes even similar?

My guest today on the Empowered Spirit Show, Trudi Mullis, has discovered the link between creativity and intuition. And she has discovered which door she needs to unlock.

In fact, by applying her clairvoyance from her spiritual direction, she implements her ideas from start to finish in a creative flow that many times takes her beyond her initial idea.

She offers that these two doors are in everyone's mind: the door of fear and the door of trust.

Trust means building the confidence to open that door each and every day.

But if you don’t trust, you tend to allow the fear to set in and that door, well, let's just stay it's the harder one to get out of.

It's your choice which way you go.

Tune in to this next episode of The Empowered Spirit Show and uncover which door you are willing to walk through.

If you need help with trusting your inner guidance or connecting to your spirit, contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discovery Session.  

To your Spirit!


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