I have stood in reverence of Halloween ever since 1987.

I was living in New York and 20 weeks pregnant with my first child.

However, 20 weeks was all I got to experience with this pregnancy as I suffered a fetal demise.  My baby stopped living and I had to go into the hospital.  It was Halloween and I was as scared as I could possibly imagine. 

I was about to release this dream inside of me. 

I was angry, hurt, and mad at the Universe.

Why me? Why this baby?

I’m not sure I really ever understood the answer to that question.

But what I did acquire was a very different relationship to this day.

You see…

Halloween is when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is believed to be the thinnest.

And I was stuck in the middle of wanting to live on and wanting to die with my unborn child.

I was caught in the energy of this day of Halloween.

As I came to understand, Halloween is about honoring the cycle of death and rebirth. All around me were signs, not only of leaves dying and nature preparing for the still of winter, but real life was dying too.

The season was being mirrored within me.

Nothing stays the same, although I wished it would have as I wanted to hold on to this child a little longer.

We are always going through our own process of shedding, releasing, and rebirthing ourselves as we travel along the journey of life.

And I was being asked to do the same.

Halloween is a time to honor the “deaths” that you have experienced throughout the year. It is a time to make peace with all the things you have needed to let go of and to celebrate the cycle of the new.

I was being asked to celebrate at a time that was charged with the energy of death.  I had to grieve, but I knew I would have to move on. Death was not an option for me at this time.

What I did start to create was a relationship with this little Spirit.  As it left me, I could feel its presence around me.

So I began to talk to it.

And each year, this relationship grew.

I began to study the metaphysical explanations of how I could feel this presence. It seemed so palpable.

Each Halloween, it was as if she and I grew together.  She felt so real even though I couldn’t hold her.

What I began to learn was that spiritual activity is very high on this Hallow’s night.

The veil between the living and the dead is also said to be thinnest due to the Sun’s position in the deep and intuitive sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio energy is all about transformation and honoring the cycles of death and rebirth, but it also rules over the paranormal and our connection to other dimensions and portals.  

I have Scorpio rising in my chart, so it was definitely amplified for me, calling me to dig deeper and learn more.

I began to understand more about the darkness that falls between October 31st and November 1st as I allowed myself to grieve and travel between dimensions. 

A portal of energy unlocks at this time of year.

Each year as this time comes around, I find myself deeper and deeper into this connection with the Spirit world.  This connection has grown with me as I have grown.

As many of you have heard me say, energy cannot be destroyed, instead, it simply shifts from one form to another, and that is exactly what I began to learn during this sacred time.

It’s important to honor this time of year and to celebrate all life: death, the gods, the spirits. It’s important to understand the connectedness of all beings and creatures in this Universe. This helped me to grieve and to deepen my relationship with Spirit.

When you hear that the veils are thinning, know that this is offering you a chance to go deep betweens the layers of consciousness and ask for connection with the world beyond. Ask for guidance from the Spirit world.

The veil is an ethereal “curtain” between the everyday illusion of separation and the divine truth of eternity and oneness with all that is. 

When we meditate, envision, or when we have a mystical experience of any variety, this curtain parts and we are able to gaze into the place of power, the place between the worlds.

The days are getting shorter. The light is shifting. It’s time to pull your energy within and tap into that mystical part that guides your life.

It is a time to give just a little extra thought to the fact that we are spiritual beings that never die. Instead, we live on in different forms and in different ways. We continually recreate ourselves through the cycles of life.

Here are 4 steps to connecting to the Spirit World:

1) Meditate

Start with a mediation that includes an invocation to bring in the Spirit World. This will offer guidance and protection.  Who are you calling in?  Your deceased loved one?  Guardian Angels? Higher Guidance?

2)  Formulate your Question

Keep you question simple and open. Ask for guidance on a project.  Ask for what's in your way?  Ask for the next right action.

3) Open up for messages

Trust the first thing that comes in as you open up to all your intuitive abilities ... see, hear, feel and know!  Going within is how you connect with the  guidance you seek.

4) Be in control

You are your boss. Set the energy for the highest good possible.  Don't let fear of the unknown come in.  Know that you can ask for whatever protection is needed and you can always end the session.

This is a powerful time for strengthening your intuition and connection to the Divine, the eternal flame within.

My connection to this “baby” Spirit continues to be with me, although it’s no longer a baby.  She has grown and offers me continued guidance along my path.

I still grieve a little bit each year, but I now celebrate that I have this knowledge and guidance to help me along my path.

And in turn, I reach out to you and offer guidance as well.  I'll be taking calls on The Empowered Spirit Show this week and bringing in messages for you.

Whatever “deaths” you have experienced this year, whether it be death of ideas, loved ones, attitudes, relationships, or dreams, Halloween is the perfect time to honor the shift and to honor the new energy that will now be welcomed into your life. 

If you find yourself in a state of grief or lost in your spirit, reach out and contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discovery Session.  

To your Spirit!


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