Do you ever hear yourself saying, "I’m just not creative?"

Maybe you are trying to decorate your house, help your child with a project or just figure out the best look for branding your business.

It can be frustrating.

I remember back in grade school, art was my favorite class. But for the life of me, I couldn’t draw. I remember, to this day, my teacher Joe Milazzo, saying to me, "You can still have fun and create because creativity isn’t just about making art or about being able to draw. Creativity is so much more than that."  

Creativity is about energy. In particular, it is about a flow of energy. 

Creativity is the result of this movement and flow.

It’s the ability to transcend traditional ideas.

Your creative life energy flows along the path of least resistance.

All the more reason not to block it!

Because being in the flow is what opens us up and allows for space. It allows for creation and stretches the boundaries of our box.

Each intention you hold is your creative life energy being directed towards creating an effect.

If your intentions conflict with each other, you squander your creative energy, essentially block your own creative power, and stop the flow of energy.

Remaining in the flow of creation is key to balancing this energy and allowing the natural occurrences of your life to come forward.

Keeping energy flowing is foundational to a creative career.

This is where we find the passion, freshness, and inspiration to live our purpose and follow our bliss as Joseph Campbell talks about.

I know creativity is barely taught by the time we reach college, unless of course you are in the arts.

It’s like a forgotten skill from kindergarten.

But it is something you need, no matter what profession you choose.

I have found these 5 things to help me: 

  1. Don’t fight the way nature made you. Honor yourself!
  2. Learn what you need to nurture your best work.
  3. Learn what you need to avoid, including people.
  4. Learn when to wait and when to forge ahead. Remain in the flow.
  5. And most importantly... Learn when you need a break!

Studies have shown that highly creative people are highly intelligent, but highly intelligent people are not always creative.  

As I continue this series on Creativity and the Spirit on the Empowered Spirit Show, my guest this week, Gigi Douban talks about her creativity in a very different way. She hits it on the head about being in the flow and following her “bliss” through school and life into the creation of news and journalism for WBHM.

Don't push but instead allow the creative force within you to come forward. You will find your Spirit is right in alignment with this force of energy!

If you need help in connecting to your spirit, contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discovery Session.  

To your Spirit!


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