Under the influence of the cosmos, we can align with our guiding light and open up to the deepest parts of who we are, especially when Scorpio energy is involved!

And right now, we are in the midst of a new moon in Scorpio, the sun in Scorpio, and a transit happening too.

New moons allow you to refresh your energy and manifest your dreams.

Are you?

The full eclipse this past summer opened up a gateway for changes to come forward.  

It was a reset button.  

The sunset was 360 degrees.  

The crickets sang in the middle of the day.  

The starts twinkled in the afternoon.

Everyone was aware of this spectacular event.

But then what?

Were you able to harness this energy for your own growth?

Have you found yourself able to allow this energy to help you heal at least one thing about yourself?

I know I did.

You see, I was struggling with taking my work as a Spiritual Teacher to the next level.

I knew I had all the skills and gifts.  

I was living the lifestyle of Spiritual Teacher.

I have a strong personal meditation, energy, and yoga practice. 

I had been talking about a deep purpose of mine: to bring Spirituality out and into the open here in the deep south.

My observation in the last 6 years of being in Birmingham and doing the work I do is that Spirituality is a whispered word. 

It’s under the breath of many people, people that are practicing meditation, that do Reiki work, and that use essential oils.  

I have noticed that essential oils are becoming more common territory, but what about the other practices?

And then I asked the same question to myself...what about me?

If I was holding back in bringing my message out, how I could I help others at this deep level?

I had just turned 60.  I had spent the last 3 years working with a high level business coach and yet I was fighting deep inside to really step up to the plate, thinking, oh... I'll do it in a couple of years.

A couple of years??? Life is precious. 

And then one day, after the eclipse, as I was teaching about the Medicine Wheel to a group of students, I realized I had taken that step. I had stepped up my work and claimed the path of an “Elder” with so much to offer and teach others....and I haven’t looked back.

I knew the guidance of the stars and the support of Mother Earth was right there for me.

I began to notice everything was coming into alignment because I was trusting the cosmos and the pull of Spirit from within.

The cosmos just keeps bringing it on, and it is calling you, too, to align with your deepest desires.

The universe is calling you to take a stand for humanity.

It’s offering you the opportunity to co-create the life you want by working with the energy that is available for you.

Sometimes it is hard to understand all that is happening on a deeper level, which is why I have invited Laurie Zelinski from ZGirlAstrology.com to The Empowered Spirit Show to tell us what all this intense energy is about.

I believe you can live confidently and more powerfully when you bring spirituality into your everyday life.

I believe your identity can become more enriched and more fulfilling when you have a spiritual practice.

If you find yourself stuck in fear or lost in your spirit, reach out and contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discovery Session.  

To your Spirit!


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