What’s the gateway to opening up your ability to use your Intuition?


Imagination is the gateway to intuition.

I know most people think that if you allow your imagination to come into play, you are making it up. 

It isn’t real.

But is it?

Yes, it is.

Dr Brain Weiss, a brilliant psychotherapist, once told me that even if you “think” you are making it up, intuition is still from somewhere within your consciousness, therefore it is real.

The more the imagination opens up, the more one’s ability to use intuition is enhanced.

But there are differences.

Imagination takes a more active role and is most certainly an important facet in strengthening your creativity, your sixth chakra, and ultimately your intuitive knowing. 

Imagination helps you to think outside the box and open your mind. It allows you to see fresh perspectives.

It’s definitely a creative flow of energy. 

You access imagination by using your mind to navigate your thoughts, ideas, or images you want to see. Your imagination is being engaged when you are intentionally visualizing or saying things in your head.

I think imagination is a great way to open up and allow the information to flow.  It works on the right side of the brain, so the more we work with it, the more we develop that part of our mind.

The key to intuition is to allow the information to come forward. 

It’s important to be in a relaxed or passive state. To not “try” too hard or force the information.

This is where practice come in. It takes practice to get into that relaxed state and let go of the analyzing.  It's something we need to commit to everyday to build this intuitive "muscle".

That’s where most of us fall short of using our intuition.  

We don't trust it so we analyze it to a point of moving from the relaxed state to a point of being back in the active role of thinking. That’s where we doubt it all and wonder if we made it up.

It can create a cycle of doubt and uncertainty.

That's where meditation becomes very helpful tool. Meditation helps to clear the mind and takes you into that relaxed state of being which is the best way to access intuition.

Meditation allows you to breathe mindfully, drop into your body, and be present.  

If you’re not sure whether it’s your intuition or your mind being overly active, try this 5 step process:

1) Just stop and quieten your mind. 

2) Focus on your breath for a minute or two or five! 

3) Don’t pay any attention to the thoughts which arise.

4) Put your mind out of action by getting really still.

Then and only then: 

5) Trust what arises next.

Your true intuitive voice arises in the gaps between your conscious thoughts.

So if you’re afraid that your imagination is feeding your input when you want your intuition to have more of a say, work on getting your mind under control.  As Yogi Bhajan says, "Be a Master to your mind, not a slave to it."

Want to learn more about creativity, imagination, and intuition?  Listen to this week's episode of The Empowered Spirit Show with my guest, Tina Conroy from the Intuitive Woman Podcast. 

It is possible to creativity train this skill and utilize your own intuitive abilities and be guided by Spirit.

If you are having trouble staying centered and letting your Spirit speak to you, contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discovery Session.  

To your Spirit!


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