Back in the 60s, I was a little girl growing up in Birmingham, Alabama.

My father was an Optometrist with an office in downtown Birmingham.

Actually, he had 3 different offices… one was his Contact Lens Clinic on 3rd Avenue North, one was the optical shop in the Pizitz Department Store on 2nd Avenue North, and one was at the back of Busch Jewelers on 4th Avenue North, examining patients for their store.

I used to walk with him from office to office.  I had to walk fast to keep up. 

And then something happened.

We stopped going downtown.

There was never much explanation, but something had shifted.

We stayed in the suburbs away from the diversity.

That something was social injustice.

That something was dangerous and not right.

That something divided a city and began to destroy the Spirit of the biggest city in Alabama.

When the opportunity came along for me to get out of Alabama for higher education, I took it, as did many of my friends, building our lives in other places. 

I stayed gone for 35 years living in New York were diversity was the norm. Where being Jewish wasn't uncommon. Where people lived amongst all races and religions.

So when I returned to Birmingham in 2011, I chose to move into the downtown area.  I had heard that things were changing. 

And YES they were!

The Spirit of Birmingham was coming around. 

The Dalai Lama came to town.

And I began to walk on those streets again, feeling the pavement, the heat, and the deep soul of the city once again.

The Spirit of this city was alive.

What is the Spirit of a City?

What is it taking to bring a city together, especially one that has roots in so much social injustice?

What does it take for a community to build and grow?

It takes coming together.

It takes showing up for each other.

And it takes supporting causes that help grow a community.

My guest for this episode on the Empowered Spirit Show is Russel Hooks who has his business invested in this Spirit of Birmingham.

He knows all about showing up and connecting.

He does it quite often and has noticed so much growth and Renaissance in what he calls the biggest small town in the USA.

What does it take for you to show up and help your community?

To your Spirit!


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