The other day, I was feeling so stuck in everything.  

I couldn’t get anything done.

Can you relate?

I was trying but it felt like more like a struggle than positive effort.

I have new projects that I am launching, but couldn’t seem to get them going.

I have new people interested in my private programs but couldn’t seem to get that going either.

I was frustrated.  I had to throw some fire balls.  Ever try that?  

I even took a huge break for some holiday shopping.

But still nothing was moving forward.

And then, I found myself back at my desk, spacing out.

I looked up and right in front of my eyes, on the wall, was my astrology calendar.  

And then the AHA moment!

We were still in Mercury Retrograde!  

It was OK not to be moving direct or getting new projects started or even signing new contracts.

It was OK to take a step back,  pause and slow down.

It was actually in alignment to let go of the pushing and just allow the flow of energy to guide me.

And that realization is what opened the energy flow for me.

As soon as I stopped pushing and starting allowing, the energy shifted, the download occurred and I saw exactly what it was that I needed to do.

That is how you, too, can allow the energy of the cosmos to help you move through your everyday life opening up to the energy that is needed.

Another example, right now, it is time to set the energy beyond what you know.

It’s a New Moon!

And, it’s aligned with a huge vortex of energy known as the Galactic Center.

When you align with this energy, you can tap into this powerful vortex and align with the ability to up-level your life. 

This alignment makes it possible to receive downloads of psychic energy.  The kind of downloads that give you information about your life.. past, present and future. 

This new moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, which has a lot of positive energy.  It is also about sending those arrows out into new uncharted territory.   

Be a warrior!

Right now is a time to allow your struggles to come forward so that you can flow with the energy and move them out.

Don't hold them in.

It's about letting go and positioning your Spirit to be in a better place for your highest good.

Why is it important to find this alignment and do this right now?

When you align with these cycles of the cosmos, especially the moon, you can have a powerful force of energy surround you in your work.  This can help you to feel more supported in what you are doing and to empower your ideas to come forward.  

These cycles help you to keep your energy moving.  It allows you to move out of old perceptions. 

If you have a desire to make changes in your life, connect with this greater flow of energy.  This is exactly what the cosmos are offering you right now.

You may notice that everything around you is shifting.  

There is a big transformation happening.

Look at what happened with the special election in Alabama.  This is the kind of transformation coming forward!

It may not all be visible at this very moment, but we are seeing signs of it in our government, our relationships, our money system and many other areas of life as well.

Different structures are coming forward.

Are you a part of this re-structuring or are you stuck in the same old place?

What are you doing to empower your Spirit to make these shifts?

As the new moon comes in (it's the last one for this year), be sure to set out intentions that include a new arrangement to how you are doing your work.  There is a lot of opportunity to study, learn and make changes for this.

What you set in motion now will continue over the next several years with these influences.

This week we have the shortest and darkest days of the year.  By Thursday, we open up to the Winter Solstice which represents the return of the light.  

Although the light begins to increase, it’s the time of year to pull within and be creative!  The winter season allows you to utilize your dreams which can feed the creativity. 

Your imagination is so important.  It’s the gateway to your intuition.

The more aware you become of what is going on in the cosmos, the more you can align your schedules to empower your everyday life.

Why not?

Why not make your appointments, your meetings, your gatherings, your choices in an empowered way?

It is time we break away from the old systems and create new ways of being.

Everyday new discoveries are being made.  Science is backing up the work that is done with energy modalities.  

More and more people are opening up to energy modalites to become more wholesome in life.

Are you?

Want to learn more about the cosmic events going on right now?  

Download the latest episode of The Empowered Spirit Show where I talk with Laurie Zelenski form ZGirlAstrology about these influences.

It is possible to live from a place of empowerment so that you can find the confidence, the strength and the integrity to make the changes you desire.

If you find yourself stuck in the same old energy, reach out and contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discovery Session.  

It's time to bring your energy forward in a whole new light with this new season.  

To your Spirit!


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