Wisdom, character and consciousness conquer everything.  Yogi Bhajan

Happy Holidays!  Hope you had some time to tune in to the miracles around you!

And now, it is time to close the year and leave 2017 in the rearview.

It has been a year of massive upheaval and change. 

In numerology, 2017 was a 1 Year which, historically is when everything feels chaotic, revolutionary, and insane all at once.


How was it for you?

Were you able to move through the discord?  

Or were you caught in the shifts?

For me, spiritually speaking, this was a year of really tuning in to that deeper part of who I was.

The greatest event for me was viewing the Eclipse.

It was a natural phenomena that helped me to align my energies with the cosmic forces.

It took away all doubt of my existence and my purpose.

There was something about experiencing the 360 degrees of what appeared to be a sunset and seeing stars in the middle of the day.

It was the alignment of the sun, moon and earth with the alignment of my body, mind and spirit.  

And it was the fact that it happened in a year that held so much discord!

It was a reset!

Like it was offering us the ability to realign our consciousness at this time.

Discord can offer us just that… the opportunity to grow.

And sometimes, it isn’t always apparent at first for there are many stages to move through.

Very often the different stages can look, well… very different.

In this final episode of The Empowered Spirit Show for 2017, I share with you the highlights of the year.

As I looked back over the year, the interview with Robert O. Williams (from the Beach Boys) jumped out because he so beautifully describes this shift of moving through the discord with his comparison to a rose bush.

I’ve pulled out the except from the interview for this week’s episode as I highlight the year.

The shows from this year offered us many ways to tune into our spirit.

They offered us an opportunity to understand a little bit more about these crazy times we are in and how we can allow our Spirit to move through them.

There are so many ways to connect with the Spirit and the only hard part is ...finding the time to do it.

I know, life gets in the way.

The dog needs to go out, the kids need to get up, social media and emails are calling instead.

But, what if you committed 5 mins everyday, every single day, to  your Spirit?  

What would open up for you?

A challenge I offer to you for the year ahead.

But first.. a look back at all the many ways Spirit can open up for you and how creativity can help.

Click here to download the episode with the show notes to check out the episodes and where they came from.

May you find some peace in knowing we are making a shift.

May you find some comfort in knowing that consciousness is raising despite the challenges. 

And, may you find love in your heart as you connect with your Spirit!

To your spirit!


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