The power of the moon... ever wonder about it?

Especially a super full moon?

You know it’s out there.

You can see it.

But can you feel it?

Maybe you notice a little extra emotional energy.  Or you just feel a little extra intense.

And maybe even your sleep is off.

Yep...those are signs of the power of the moon effecting your consciousness.

According to quantum physics, everything in the universe has a frequency that it emits, especially the moon. The frequencies emanated by the moon affect the frequency of the mind that exerts control over our feelings, emotions, and desires.

The mind, which consists of the conscious and subconscious mind, reacts to the phase of the moon in the sky. 

Neuroscience has recognized that the subconscious controls 95% of your life.


That’s a big percentage!

It’s no wonder when the closer the Moon is to the earth, the more of an effect it has on us all!

So what is this super moon in December emanating for you?

It promises to be a very powerful influence right now.

Vibrations are strong!

There are lots of other cosmic influences happening as well, including Mercury Retrograde. To learn more, check out the previous podcast with ZGirlAstrology.

All of these cosmic influences are testing your powers of discernment.

It’s calling you into your spiritual practice and asking for you to delineate a sacred space for yourself.

It is requiring you to tune out the brain fog and lower vibrations generated by society.

It’s asking you to transcend this somewhat heavy and gloomy atmosphere that is apparent all around.

And, it’s helping you to upgrade your life!

It is a choice.

Where are you hanging out?

Are you caught in this doom and gloom?

(And yes, there are lots of reasons that can get you caught right now coming out of Washington.)

It can be scary and worrisome.

Clearly we are entering a period of dramatic change.

But with this super moon, it’s time to focus on what is truly important in your life.

3 Ways you can do this right now:

       1) Become a fearless Spiritual Warrior.  Be strong in your practice.

       2)  Speak your truth and be willing to extend this truth to others in a spirit of helping.

       3)  Celebrate and raise your vibration.

How do you do this?



And this is where discernment comes in as well.

It’s important to separate inner spiritual guidance from wishful thinking, paranoia, and collective illusions and delusions. 

Align yourselves with your Higher Mind and Higher Self.  This is where you can lift your energy and vibration into living in the 5th dimension.


What is 5th dimension?

Good question!

That’s exactly what we will be talking about on the next episode of The Empowered Spirit Show.  And let me warn you… we cover some pretty amazing concepts of how you can make this choice and learn to live, all the time, in a higher state of consciousness.  

It took me raising many questions about these concepts and sitting with the answers to really understand.  

It may require the same of you.

Yes!  It is possible.

According to my guest, Maureen St. Germain, and her new book, Waking Up in 5D:A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation, we all can learn how to intentionally and permanently function in 5D. 

It’s a vibrational change that affects how you see and act in the world.

According to Maureen, "...There is no more good versus bad thinking, no more competitive striving, no more struggle, no more linear one-way thinking, no more retaining pain and regret over past hurts or relationships, no more worry, no more polarity!"

In the episode, we talk about how 5D relates to 3D as well as to 4D, the transitional dimension between the two, and explain how to read the energy patterns that distinguish one dimension from the next, as well as how to experience multiple dimensions simultaneously. 

We definitely talk about concepts beyond the normal state of being.

It’s perfect timing with this Super Full Moon vibration calling all of us to WAKE up!

The Super Full Moon with all its cosmic influences can help you to up level your life as long as you work with the energy that is available right now.

Don’t wait! This is a very powerful time that opens up a doorway for you to make the changes you desire.

It’s a choice!

If you find yourself stuck in the lower vibrations of fear, reach out and contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discovery Session.  

To your Spirit!


PS...You can also check out the Energy Focus & Meditation for the Week to help you align with this Full Moon energy.