The Solar Eclipse has Come and Gone... Now What?

How can you utilize this energy for your highest good?

How can you stay in this vibration and apply it to your life?

My answer....

Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the Equinox, become present with yourself within this new energetic field you inhabit. 

Get comfortable just being in this new space. 

The body still has a lot to digest and integrate. 

Did you notice all the excess energy in your head?

With so much light coming in through the sun and the moon’s reflection back, the hypothalamus was stimulated and pineal gland awoke -- at least that is my experience.  

And, while I may not have scientific proof of this, during a Solar Eclipse there is a definite change in the vibration and frequency of energies on Earth.

You have to admit, if you were aware of the Eclipse, that you felt something.

Many people I spoke to even admitted having a headache with so much energy being activated.

Others were affected by their balance. 

Some felt out of sorts.

And many have reported having an extra sensitivity to the energies and emotions of those around them.

I see it as a way, on a deeper level, that this change in frequency and vibration helped many to “reset” and lift their energetic vibration to a whole new level.

What was it for you?  

Have you thought about it?  

Have you felt it?

And now what?

Now is the time to...  

Give yourself the gift of at least 10 minutes a day to be still and be quiet.

You have been through a powerful time of healing.

Emotional wounds can be healed and stronger relationships can be forged, but you must be present to the energy around you.

Use this time from now until the Equinox to review, renew, and reset your intentions.

Action is coming, but for now, it's all about integration and adjustment.

Breathe with the Earth.

Notice the colors in the rising and setting sun.

This eclipse connected many people all at once in a state of wonder.  Even though it only lasted a few minutes, the connection of all life was powerful.

And that is the why of why you want to utilize this energy.  

The higher vibrations of connection of light and wonder releases the dark, the lower vibrations of fear and seperation. This allows for love and peace to surface with a stronger reach all around for us all to tap into.

So what now?

We are still in Mercury Retrograde, but with Saturn moving direct you may begin to feel as if you want to start something big!

That’s exciting and great, but for now just write it out. Build on those intentions you set forth last week during the eclipse.  

Have a little patience and hold back for another week or two before setting into motion anything brand new.

Open your Spirit and uncover the insights into your path.

It is time to realign the path of your Spirit and step into your power!

If you need help in connecting to your spirit, contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discover Session.  We'll look at the #1 thing you can do to Empower your Spirit!

To your Spirit!


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