Learning to pay attention to and use your natural born creativity is an enormous advantage to you personally, professionally and spirituality.

Do you notice how often you cut yourself off from expressing an inner desire, passion or even a soul purpose?

Using your creativity means welcoming trial and error into your life.

It means that we must stand on the edge at times.

And that is probably the scariest thing.

When I first moved back to Birmingham, I have to admit that I was afraid of my own Spiritual abilities.  Even though they were fueled by my creativity, I still found that I was a little fearful to get out there and express my soul purpose.

And, I admit, I hid from it.  I was insecure.  I really wasn’t sure how to harness this energy and bring my work out into the public.

But I knew I had to if I was to walk my talk to live my purpose.

One of the things I leaned and that really helped me was realizing that most people who succeed have failed devastatingly. Yet they keep going, keep insisting on their vision, on their right to explore, question and yes, make mistakes. 

Pursuing my ideas and following my ‘gut feelings’ became more important than worrying if I was right or not.  

I began to notice that if I set some boundaries, some lines to work within, yet I allowed my creativity to stretch, my box so to speak, I could step out and allow the creativity to come forward which allowed the spiritual work to flourish.

It helped me to let go of the fear.

But not all people have this fear when expressing their creativity.

Do you?

It’s a risk, totally,  as my guest today on the Empowered Spirit Show talks about.

Devon Watson from Salon Devon loves this risk. 

She claims that thinking out of the box but coloring inside the lines has helped her find the freedom in her life to soar.  Her fear comes not from expressing her creativity but the fear of getting bored.

Check out this episode as we talk about how stretching the boundaries of our box while standing on the edge of the lines can help you bring forward your passions in life.

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To your Spirit!


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