Many times you may find yourself afraid to move forward in your life.

Or maybe you’ve hit a wall and can’t find the way around it.

Or perhaps you've reached a turning point but just can’t take that next step.

What happens when this energy keeps building?

Does darkness set in?

Does fear come along and take away your ability to create the next step?

Or is your creativity stuck from all the fear, too?

Usually, that is what happens; you get stuck, you lose your creativity, fear and darkness set in.

Back in the days when I was first divorced and on my own with my kids, I recognized a fear that was building for me.

This fear was stopping me from getting out.  

You see I was afraid to drive in the dark.  Yep, I had a fear about driving at night.

I didn’t know what I was going to do about this fear.

I had to be able to overcome it but didn’t know how.  

I started to notice excuses coming up that prevented me from saying yes to things I wanted to do.

Luckily, I was still making jewelry which continued to fuel my creativity.

And one night, the lights went out while I was downstairs in my studio.  I stayed calm and began to think of what I needed to do.  

On my table were these little LED lights with batteries that changed colors.  I turned these on and noticed the colors from the lights were fun in the dark.  So I finished what I was working on with a little laughter underneath.

However, there is more to this story because the phone began to ring.  My children were at their friends' houses and needed me to come get them. The power was out all over town.  

Oh my.. was my first reaction.  No street lights!  So, I grabbed the little LED lights and brought them with me.  I put them on the seat next to me,  turned on the radio and began to sing and laugh all at the same time.

It was one of the best experiences I had which actually led me to carrying those little LED lights in the car ALL the time.

I noticed this actually began to ease my fear of night driving.

You see, when we can open up to our everyday creative forces, we can solve so many other issues we might have.

Our everyday creativity is not only good for us but, I think, one of the most powerful capacities we have bringing us alive in each moment of our day.

I could have stayed stuck in the dark and asked the kids to take a cab home.  But instead, I stayed in the creative flow which overrode my fear and opened me up to moving beyond my own limiting beliefs.

What about you?

How do you solve the problems, the darkness in your life?

Today on this next episode of The Empowered Spirit Show, we are going to explore how my guest, Shannon Andrews Skipper, expresses her creativity and even uses the dark to awaken the freedom within her and others.

Let the freedom soar within your spirit!

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To your Spirit!


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