The holidays are over and now and it’s time to focus, to build your Spiritual Practice as you create new rituals in your everyday life.

This Master energy of 11 we talked about at the new year, is asking you to work in partnership with the Universe while maintaining your own identity. 

Push less and ALLOW more.

Allow ....being key and my choice of vibration for this year.  What is yours?

So, how do we do this?

Your daily patterns are key!  

My podcast, The Empowered Spirit Show,  is about to air this week with 3 new episodes.  I’ve switched my platforms so there has been a a little delay.  You can still find it on Apple Podcast or on the Android devices as well.  One of my favorite podcast apps is called, Castro.  It’s great for loading all your favorite podcasts on it.  Check it out.

In these episodes, I  share first and foremost, how to set up a Sacred Space and then how to create rituals to create a Spiritual Practice.  We start with a ritual for the morning and then one for your work life. 

Taking it out and into the world is how we are going to partner with Spirit this year.

We can’t keep it only on the cushion .. so to speak.

No.  It’s time to take this out and into the world. 

Our Energy Focus this week starts out with integrating the lessons from the full moon. Now that all that emotional energy is able to balance we can actually make some decisions and changes in our routine and life.  Be sure to release this and learn from it because we have another super moon coming at the end of this month.  Don’t hold on to the emotional body.

We are totally out of mercury retrograde so our ability to feel this forward motion is great.

What do you feel?

Have you made some decisions that need action?

Energy is expanding!  Do it.  Make the shift and changes you need.

We have the energy of 1/11 this week on Thursday to really tap into 5th dimension energy.

If you missed the podcast (Waking up in 5th Dimension) check it out. It was with Maureen St Germain back in December.

Your higher path is calling you this week but you must be in alignment with it.

Which is what the Energy Focus mediation is about, listening to what your Spirit has to say!

Your life purpose is being ignited!  Be on the look out for signs.  Remember that hawk that showed up in the cards last week!  Be in alignment.. look for the signs and trust them.

Check out the video for the Energy Focus and a card reading.

If you need help getting started on a Spiritual Path, reach out and contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discovery Session. 

It's time to bring your energy forward in a whole new light with this new year.  

To your Spirit!