Join me on Catch Your Spirit as I welcome Teresa St. Frances. author of WHAT HAPPENS THE DAY AFTER? Messages from Adolescent Suicides
Teresa St. Frances is an internationally renowned Psychic Medium and gifted Animal Communicator. 
She is also the author of the new book: What Happens the Day After: Messages from Adolescent Suicide.  
For more than 35 years, Teresa has worked solely by word of mouth and referrals.  She supports people in healing grief, emotional turmoil and trauma; resulting in deep peace and understanding. 
Clients in her private practice, as well as, attendees at the Open Forum Audience Readings receive and confirm the astounding, detailed direct messages she delivers from loved ones on the 'other side.' 
She works with her TAG Team© of Teachers, Angels and Guides and incorporates her unique process she refers to as a "Trinity Link" in her readings. 

A born healer and modern day emissary she bridges the spiritual realms and earthly plane with divine grace, humility and a kind-hearted sense of humor.  A former radio host, she has been featured on Jenny McCarthy's nationally syndicated Sirius radio show, Channel 9 /WOR TV "Chasing New Jersey", News 12, Comcast's One on One with Steve Adubato and much more. 

in her book, Teresa St. Frances provides hope and moving messages from teens in spirit, who committed suicide. As a Spiritual Messenger, the author sustained a high level of heavenly dialogue with these spirits, who in essence commissioned her to tell their stories from the 'Afterlife.'

Teresa will offer a few live, on-air readings with callers.  Call in at 347-996-5387
She will share with us:

Why her book is an important educational tool to prevent teen suicide.
The most important thing parents forget when preparing their kids to go back to school.
Astounding stories from adolescents on the "other side" including "John," a young man in who was in the military when he killed himself! (PLEASE NOTE: his mother is available for a limited number of interviews as well). 
What is mediumship? How Teresa uses her TAG© (Teachers, Angels and Guides) team to connect with spirits that have passed over and her proprietary Trinity Link process. 
An alternative perspective and compelling understanding of what kids go through from their POV on the 'other side.'
Her helpful resource guide for grieving parents and kids in need. 
The key warning signs to look for and the archetypes of adolescents who kill themselves. 
The spiritual primer her book provides on everything from the Creator, Heaven, Archangels, Souls Contracts and much more to provide comfort for people questioning what happens when we die?

Teresa often works with grieving parents and was inspired by a mother who lost her daughter to suicide her first year in college. Michelle's** mother was still angry at her daughter. After several readings with Michelle for her mother, Michelle brought other teen suicide victims in 'Heaven' with her to Teresa so they could share their stories, regrets and signs they ignored that might have saved them from their unfortunate and untimely deaths.  
She also will discuss why it is important to change the stigma towards mental health in the United States.  
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