Join us as we welcome Dr. Jeffrey Fidel, MD  to Catch Your Spirit and talk to him about his inward journey to liberate himself from mental suffering and how he is helping others with these diagnoses .. WITHOUT drugs ..but through ancient teachings of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching,

The diagnosis of Bipolar 1 Disorder- by medical decree and societal perception- is a lifelong sentence: unless you take and stay on prescription medicine you cannot function as a "normal, sane member of society."

But Jeffrey R Fidel, an MD himself, is proof that is not true. 

His beautiful, masterful and minimalist book: I: One M.D.'s Inward Journey to Liberate Himself from Mental Suffering---And The Help It Offers for Those Diagnosed Bipolar, Mentally Ill or Depressed -- already an Amazon #1 Bestseller. 

Jeffrey relates how he spent most of his life identifying with the I that was the I in his mind-the one that said he must achieve to exist...the one that drove him to become a doctor in order to meet other people's expectations despite a part of him that resisted; the one that said he would be happy if he lived the "American dream" of exalted professional, family man and financial success. This was the "I" of his ego.

Feeling numbed by his "chemical lobotomy" he continued to "fit into" society as an individual and practicing physician. Yet, nothing in his life was right-his marriage was falling apart, he still had an inner struggle that he didn't want to practice medicine, and even his beloved dog died.

Through  the Tao Te Ching he awakened his awareness that there was another voice, a quiet one that spoke truth to him, a voice that connected him to all that is.