Taylor Hunt was addicted to pain killers and drinking every single day. He knew he had a problem but didn't know how to change. He lost everything....house, car, family and his self respect. He couldn't stop. He went to treatments but couldn't stay sober. It took him four times in treatment before he got it.

He started practicing yoga, the 12 steps and then everything changed.

Now 10 years sober and he has this amazing community at Ashtanga Yoga Columbus around him. He is doing some amazing work with the Trini Foundation so that people don't have to struggle like he did. #gratefulformylife#yogachangeslives

A Way from Darkness is the unflinching and confessional story of Taylor Hunt's journey from addiction to health –physical, emotional, and spiritual. Bankrupt in every imaginable sense of the word, Taylor's journey was neither quick nor easy. His story is more than just autobiography; it is an invitation to the reader to find healing alongside Taylor through community, Ashtanga yoga, and ultimately, acceptance.

Taylor's yoga workshops and intensives provide a practical means of interacting with Taylor and his story through the lens of Ashtanga Yoga.