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We will be looking at the Energy of Miracles and asking the question. 

Here are 3 ways to know if one has occurred in your life:

1)  A Shift in Time, Space & Energy

Last week, i was driving on the expressway when a car came zooming around me and cut into my lane barely fitting between me and the car in front of me.  I felt a slight shift of energy … saw the car move in front of me.. and all I could think was … wow .. thank you Angels.. that was a miracle!  

Yes, theres is a subtle shift in the energetic field which means you have to be aware and in the present moment to notice this shift.

2)  An Immediate Overcoming Sense of Gratitude 

Despite all of your struggles, lessons, challenges and moments of darkness you are immediately overcome with gratitude.  Gratitude raises the vibration and allows you to feel this miracle present in your life. When you raise your vibration anything can occur and what follows next is the miracle occurring!

3)  Ordinary is Extraordinary

You are going about your day, standing in line for a coffee and the person right behind you asks you a question that directly relates to your line of work and needs your help.

As Wayne Dyer says… “Nothing out there is ordinary.”  Treat your life with respect and be available to all the people that come into it.  

Finding moments of shifting energy, gratitude, and extraordinary situations is how you can find your own personal miracles! 

And if we can find the courage and openness to accept them into our life, it's what follows that becomes truly amazing.

What's stopping you from opening up to the miracles in your life?  

As I teach in my Empowered Spirit Program, allow the spirit, not the ego, to take over.  We all have the ability to tap into our Spirit.

Let me guide you there!

The Oracles combined with the teachings of Terri on Spiritual Development, will help you to answer these questions!

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