Join me on Blog Talk Radio's Catch your Spirit for this very last show of the year.

In order to prepare for 2017 we need to first release the old energies of 2016.

We need to let go of all the old sh*t, offer gratitude for it and then we can move forward with a clean white vision board to manifest for the new year.

You don’t want the old sh*t to follow you into the new year… do you?

As the year moves forward we gather lots of energy.  Some we need and use but lots of it we just collect. It’s this excess energy and stuff and unfinished business that gets in our way!

It just mucks it all up before we even get going.

Now,  I know that 2016 and 2017 are only really separated by a millisecond on the clock, but if you can begin to look at if from a spiritual perspective, you will be able to create a huge shift in your energy body.

There are 3 steps that I find to be most effective in helping to release the old energies and make this shift happen.

Join me on air to find out what these 3 steps are and how you can empower your Spirit for 2017.

I will be taking callers and offering readings to help you see more clearly what Spirit wants  you to know.  347-996-5387 is the call in number.

And join me for my very special and exciting announcement!