Join us on Catch Your Spirit as we wrap up this Summer Meditation Series in Episode 6 with Pennie Nichols as she talks with us about Global Peace Meditations.

Years ago Pennie read a book by Dr Wayne Dyer in which he discussed the research findings of a psychiatrist named Dr. David Hawkins. 

Dr. Hawkins explained how each person has a vibrational frequency in which we function, and by being aware of our individual vibrational frequency and mindfully elevating it, we in turn impact the energy of those around us.

One of the best ways to do this is via meditation.

Our positive energy can help counterbalance the lower frequencies of the world. 
What Pennie found fascinating were the numbers he included in the study - like one person counterbalancing tens of thousands of those functioning at lower vibrations.

The events that happened world wide in June left Pennie feeling saddened and somewhat helpless.  

Such big issues that do not have quick and easy fixes.  

The only thing she knew to do was to spend more time on her cushion. So she sat to counterbalance some of the negativity. 

Then Grace introduced an idea that others might be feeling the same way and that we should come together to meditate. 

Pennie has been fortunate to spend decades now traveling the world with a wonderfully intricate web of friends. Social media made it easy to get the word out and for all of us to come together, at the same time, focusing on the same goal of peace and love for all.  By everyone coming together, as a collective, we had a greater impact on the vibrational frequency of the world.  By supporting each other, letting others know they are not alone, we are connected. 

We are the change.