Join me on Catch Your Spirit as we welcome Ivana Pazek, author of Lessons From Snow White - Hidden Messages to Manifest your Ideal Life in our New Spiritual Authors Series.

After graduating from a challenging program at the University of Mathematics and beginning a career in software development in Croatia, Ivana found herself having what many wanted, but not feeling fulfilled.

Things started to change when she began to explore not only the aspects of her mind, but also the infinite aspects of her higher being. This led her on a journey of spiritual depths, inner discovery and principles about how to live the life of her dreams, as well as teaching this knowledge to others. She became a Law of Attraction life coach and with her profound yet simple teachings, has helped people from Japan to Nigeria, and Germany to the US, to make their dream lives a reality.

She currently lives with her husband in a peaceful part of Zagreb, Croatia, joyfully anticipating life's next adventure.

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