Join us for this week's episode of The Empowered Spirit Show as your host Terri Ann Heiman speaks with featured guest Monique Clark.

Monique is the founder of Innate Sense Conscious Bodywork Center in Willow Glen California, and is a Generational Healing Guide at Wake Up Generations.

Most of us know that essential oils can help on the physical level...cuts, burns, sore muscles, chest congestion...and we've recently talked about the emotional level, but how can they help us with our CREATIVITY?  Can they help us get to boost our energy and find the confidence to open the creativity channels?

Monique is a wellness warrior committed to empowering others by guiding them with the tools they need to free themselves of emotional and physical pain. Monique has studied practical and esoteric uses of essential oils since 2000 and has helped hundreds of individuals heal using the powers of essential oils. 

Monique is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Trinity Massage College, and is certified as by the American Association of Drugless practitioners and the Association of bodywork & massage professionals.

On this episode we explore creativity with essential oils.

Citrus Oils - Clean and refreshing - lemon, wild orange, lime, blends

Unstuck - Peppermint, citrus

Sap Oils - Glue you down and ground your energy - firs, frankincense, sandelwood

Flower Oils - Open you up from being stuck

Yang Yang - inner child awakening

Aroma Touch Technique Training - February 2-4, 2018

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