Join us for this episode of The Empowered Spirit Show as our host Terri Ann Heiman speaks with Trudi Mullins, Fearless Brand Champion. 

A colleague once described Trudi as “an avalanche packed into a snowball"—not a natural disaster, mind you, but a power-packed ball of awesome.

She is a marketer, though that word means something different to everyone. She is also a graphic designer, event planner, blogger, corporate trainer, and motivational speaker.

Trudi's gift is pushing professionals and companies out of their comfort zones into new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new corporate cultures. She believes the greatest enemy of progress is the phrase, “We’ve always done it that way.”

She is also passionate about volunteering with studentsteaching practical life skills including resume writing, interview techniques, and financial literacy.

As Trudi puts it, "You can call me a change agent, but I prefer head cheerleader or Fearless Brand Champion. I’m here to cheer others on to great things."

Learn more about Trudi here.

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