Join us for this episode of The Empowered Spirit Show as our host Terri Ann Heiman speaks with featured guest Tina Conroy, creator of The Intuitive Woman Podcast.

Since childhood, Tina knew that she is connected to something greater than herself. At an early age, Tina realized that she inherited her psychic grandmother’s gift of prophetic dreams – visions that were always vivid, full of sensory detail, and eventually came true.

 Since then, she has spent over 20 years attuning her mind and body to truly listen to that internal voice, a voice that can predict or advise and is inspired by a greater power.

Now Tina helps others strengthen their inner voice by improving mental and physical health to synchronize the mind-body connection. 

As an intuitive energy healer and medium, she hosts The Intuitive Woman Podcast, a weekly podcast that explores intuition, meditation, yoga, and spiritual topics.

Tina is a yoga instructor and Reiki Master Teacher at The Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine at Northwell Health.

She mentors women to develop their intuition, connect with their inner guidance, and create a passionate, spiritual life through intuitive coaching.

Learn more about Tina Conroy by visiting her website, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.

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