Listen to this episode of The Empowered Spirit Show as our host Terri Ann Heiman speaks with featured guest Clay Dunbar.

Clay Dunbar is a 40 something year old cool dude living in the deep south. He works as a commercial insurance broker, but that’s just this day job. Creativity is definitely in his blood.

After lots of convincing by his wife Jennifer, Clay found himself in a yoga class, and what a difference that has made in his life!

As he says, “My daily yoga practice has improved my relationships, eliminated my desire to use drugs to avoid self-reflection, improved my health and increased my height. I’m now level-headed and serene most of the time, and I’ve had the best professional years ever. It sounds miraculous, but that power is within each of us. We must simply do the work to connect to it. Once you have this yoga, there is no one in the world who can take it away from you.”

Clay is the one of the founders of C4 Productions, which specializes in creating themed events where attendees are transported to a world outside of the contexts and constrictions of normal society and are encouraged to be themselves, all while being introduced to the latest sounds of local musicians and DJs as well as national artists.  State of the art lighting and video technology along with highly creative stage design are the heart of C4 Productions' events and set them apart from ordinary shows. Attendees are encouraged to arrive in costume and play a role in the creation of these Cosmic Celebrations of Collective Consciousness.  

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