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Since a teenager, Terri has been reading the Tarot to ascertain information. She began reading for herself to answer questions about why she felt so different from everyone in her family and all those around her. 

She spent most of her time lost in her dreams and creativity never realizing what a gift this energy was for her.

It wasn’t until she met her first spiritual teacher did she realize she had so many gifts to open up to.  Now 40 years later since those teenage years, she has been offering readings and intuitive guidance to help others along the spiritual path.

As a Spiritual Counselor and Healer, Terri helps women who feel disconnected from their Spirit due to a life-changing crisis or starting over. 

Through her Empowered Spirit Program, she teaches them intuitive skills and spiritual techniques to reconnect to their Spirit and be more mindful and empowered in their life, so they accomplish more, serve more powerfully, and live with greater satisfaction and happiness.

In this episode we will look at LOVE.  

Love is all around us.  Sometimes we just can't seem to find it.

Where blocks it?

What hides it?

What challenges us to open our heart.

These questions and more is what we will be answering this week on The Empowered Spirit Show.

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