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Join us for this week's The Empowered Spirit Show with our guest, Adrianne Morrison Hogan, owner of Birmingham Henna.

Adrianne Morrison Hogan is Alabama's own Internationally Certified Natural Henna artist. Adrianne is passionate about henna as a craft, and she is always exploring the limits of what henna can do.

Andrienne will share with us the role that this ancient art plays in ritual and how it can empower the Spirit.  She will offer us her understanding of sacred geomerty and the law of thirds as seen in the art of Mehndi.

Birmingham Henna's henna paste includes innovative yet recognizably Southern ingredients such as beetroot and red clay. You can catch Adrianne Morrison Hogan and Birmingham Henna doing henna body art, teaching about henna, and selling natural henna in easy-to-use kits at Pepper Place Market, Maker's Village, Woodlawn Street Market, MAKEbhm and more.  

Birmingham Henna is also available online and in studio.

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