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Do you ever feel like you’re in a love/hate relationship with food? You try to be “good” and make all the right choices, but then life gets stressful and you find yourself devouring a tub of ice cream or a box of doughnuts. 

Shame sets in so you try to dull that with more overeating. It’s a vicious, abusive, emotional cycle, and you feel trapped.

Join us for this week's Empowered Spirit Show with our guest Tammy Marshall, expert in emotional eating and stress reduction.

Tammy Marshall has been working in the addiction recovery field for over 25 years studying the age old question, "Why do we do what we don’t want to do?”  

Tammy uses cutting edge science to create emotional, physical, and spiritual integration, relieving her clients of the desire to emotionally eat.  Her clients love the freedom to be who they were designed to be in the world without the distraction of attachment to food and emotions.

The UnEmotional Private Program teaches clients to turn down the negative internal bantering and replace the self-sabotaging assumptions or perceptions with new data. They take the emotions out of eating and end the love/hate relationship with food, yourself, others, and God.

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