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Join us on this week's episode of The Empowered Spirit Show as our host Terri Ann Heiman speaks with guest Kelley Knight.

Kelley Knight's success began one picture at a time on Instagram, building a following all the way to a brick and mortar shop on Ponce de Leon Place in Atlanta, Ga.  These pictures were taken from the Wild Unknown Tarot and her buisness is an Intuitively Energy Healing Tarot Business.  With  over 15,000 Instagram followers, Kelley has been called the Tarotpreneur in the business world.

Kelley lives for transformational work using her psychic gifts with the Tarot cards.

Kelley had an awakening of her own and started to see and sense things beyond her physical body including angelic beings, guides, and those who have passed. The more she does this work, the stronger and clearer those messages become.

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